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Software development

Proven and promising new technologies and programming languages.

Digital marketing

Reach customers by effectively using the internet and social media.

Blockchain consulting

Public, private, permissioned and hybrid blockchain solutions.

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Edita Akutine Co-founder / business development and process optimization expert - best friend of suppliers

Edita helps, prepares and implements campaigns on social networks, as well as takes care of social media communication. She is also responsible for communication with clients about digital marketing ideas.

She also has long term experience in the design and coordination of programs for influencers, brand ambassadors and true frans. Her bright ideas about the creation of visuals and content for brand products and services and photo sessions will make a difference.

Edita’s credo “Business is like a game of chess, one always think a step ahead.”. Edita learned how to do business and to turn projects into reality through great determination and traveling the world as teachers to build new businesses at home and abroad. Her experience makes Edita say that only by overcoming fear, new doors will open.

Arjan van Eersel Co-founder / technical developer

Arjan started Appiness IT Solutions with a clear mission.

Having worked in key management positions in corporate services, as well as in systems management, mainframe and software development he has a good overview of both business processes and the technical side.

Arjan is a Kubernetes Administrator, certified mainframe practitioner, as well as a certified developer for several blockchain frameworks. He is also co-founder and CTO of UAB Sonemas, a company specialized in digital business identity.

Mission Our goal is to create open source solutions with a focus on value, because we believe that long existing problems can only be solved when the solution has a real added value. We aren’t scared of new technologies. On the contrary even; We embrace the possibilities that modern technologies such as distributed networks, distributed ledgers, blockchain and self-sovereign identity have to offer to improve existing business models, as well as create business models not seen before.

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