Why work with us?

By Arjan van Eersel

The question people ask us most often is: Why should I work with Appiness IT Solutions?

Well, there are several things where our company differs from other software and digital marketing agencies, because Appiness IT Solutions is created for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Appiness IT Solutions is founded by people with over 39 years combined experience in international business

Both me (Arjan) and my co-founder Edita have been active as entrepreneurs in different jurisdictions. Also I have lived in 5 different countries and Edita in 2. Thanks to these experiences we understand that business and culture are strongly linked. Knowledge and experience which is extremely important when setting up online marketing campaigns for audiences in different countries.

Arjan van Eersel and Edita Akutinė are both entrepreneurs with long term experience. Edita has rich knowledge and experience in retail and government, while Arjan, as a business consultant, has helped many people start as an enterpreneur in new countries

The fact that both of the company’s founders are highly experienced entrepreneurs in different business sectors is a huge benefit to our clients, because we don’t simply apply some online “tricks and magic”, but actually understand what it takes to do business.

Whether we set up online marketing campaigns, social media strategies, develop software systems or mobile apps, it’s all about the business and how a business operates. We know what it takes, because we’ve been there ourselves. Edita has long term experience in the veterinary sector, education, government institutions and as a retailer in different countries, while Arjan isn’t only a developer, but has also managed a regulated corporate services provider and has been an international business consultant for many years.

Value above everything

Because we have been in business for so long we have developed a no-nonsense mentality about solving challenges for our clients. It’s not for nothing that we added the word “solutions” in our name. We think in practical solutions instead of problems. We are agnostic about technology and methodologies, what we care about is creating the highest possible value for our clients.

For this reason we offer our clients a full-service approach. This means that we have in-house knowledge, experience and resources to develop every aspect of a company’s online needs. Do you need a professional website, webshop or complete app? We can build it and at the same time take care of the complete digital marketing to make it a success!

At your service at any stage

As entrepreneurs we went with our companies through every stage, from startup to well established company. Therefore no matter whether you want an early stage MVP developed or create new online selling channels for your well respected shop, we can help you realize your goals.

About the author

Arjan van Eersel is co-founder and lead developer of Appiness IT Solutions.

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