App marketing

The app marketing strategy should be defined even before starting technical development of the mobile application. This is important to gather a community of users for testing functionality and rapid growth of the app.

Marketing of mobile apps requires a different strategy than other products, because app marketing done right will not only influence the success of the app, but can also bring huge cost reductions for app development.

How to do app marketing right?

An app marketing strategy of course depends on the state of the application. The golden rule is that the earlier we start, the bigger the benefits will be, even if the app isn’t even developed yet. App marketing before or during the development stage has as strong focus on community building and getting in touch with potential users.

MVP and market research

Because of the complexity and costs of mobile app development it’s extremely important to do proper market research and to test an app’s functionality. Social media is a very valuable as a tool for this process.

MVP means “Minimal Viable Product” and is often confused with alpha releases of an app. So, an MVP can actually be much simpler. What it really is about is a way to test the core functionality an app would offer. Therefore, a good MVP can give insight in how users would really use the offered functionality. That experience can then be used in the app development process.

Thus, there are certainly benefits of running an MVP and doing market research before app development even starts.

Community interaction

Building up a user community during the MVP or development stage doesn’t only help to give the app a proper testing procedure, but it also increases user involvement. Let’s not forget that these users are tomorrow’s customers of your app. Their input is therefore very valuable.

Also keep in mind that mobile applications distributed via Apple’s or Google’s app stores will get a reputation. Launching an app with many bugs or, even worse, an app not complying with users' expectations are reputation killers. Even with paid advertisement campaigns it’s hard to get rid of a bad app rating.

Last, but not least, having already an early stage community will also make an app score better once the app is launched in the app store, because chances the app will be promoted on the store’s homepage are much higher with an active community behind it. May it be obvious that this also drastically cuts marketing costs for the app.

Investing in setting-up a community as early as possible brings valuable information to improve the app, reduces reputation damage and increases the success chances of the app.

Paid advertising

Most app stores offer the possibility of paid advertisements to promote the app. Compared to social media marketing, this type of paid advertising is relatively expensive. Therefore, it’s even more important to set up campaigns properly to prevent loss of money.

The success of paid campaigns very much depends on the quality and stability of the app, as well as the timing of the campaign. Paying for advertisement campaigns, doesn’t mean the user will like the app. In fact, paid advertisements could even lead to a decrease in reputation if many users will immediately remove the app again or encounter (technical) problems.

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