Email marketing

Email marketing is often considered dead, but is in fact still the largest and most effective form of digital marketing. No other channel offers a higher value for money than proper email marketing.

Email marketing is actually one of the most effective ways of digital marketing and still the largest channel to reach potential customers and develop relationships with them. Just as with every marketing channel, email marketing should be done right, because nobody wants to be classified as a spammer.

What are the benefits of email marketing

The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it’s cheap. If done right, the mailing list offers access to a pool of parties who have explicitly subscribed to receive information from the company. Messages are typically general information on behalf of the business, events, promotions or exclusive deals for subscribers.

Therefore, email marketing allows a business to keep their customers or community informed, as well as to send tailor made messages to their audience. One might think that social media has replaced email marketing, however email is still king. One huge advantage of email over social media is that it’s more likely for the audience to see an email than a message on social media. Posting something on social media, doesn’t mean every potential prospect will see it, while an email will be in the inbox until it’s read or deleted.

How does email marketing work?

First it’s important to get email addresses in the right way. Jurisdictions like the European Union have strict rules (GDPR) about the use of email from a privacy perspective. Most countries also have anti-spam laws. It’s important to comply with all relevant laws when working with email marketing. Often a mandatory opt-out function is required, so that subscribers can always unsubscribe when they desire to do so. However, some jurisdictions require explicit consent to opt-in.

Once an email list is created it can be used to target particular (sub)groups or even individuals, for example special birthday deals. Personalization in general helps a business to send out more effective messages that will actually be read by the receiver, as well as increase loyalty and sales.

It’s important to have a proper strategy. Don’t email your subscribers too often and offer a variation in messages, so that your audience stays interested.

Email marketing is most powerful in combination with other channels

Email marketing and other marketing channels go hand-in-hand in two ways. First, social media posts can be redirected to a landing page where people can subscribe to the mailing list. Like and share buttons in messages sent to the mailing list offer an additional way of interaction. Also, social media reviews can be shared with the mailing list.

Setup a good email marketing campaign

Our specialists know what a good email marketing strategy consists of and can help your business to use email the right way. We can help you to create a mailing list, define an email marketing strategy and optimize your mailing list for different platforms.

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