Backend development

In modern programming standards projects are often split up into a back-end and one or several front-end(s). This way the project’s logic is split into various components. The backend can be one or more servers, but also a complex micro-service architecture. The front-end is the part a user would use. Nowadays there are usually several front-ends for different platforms, such as web, mobile or desktop.

Sometimes, especially with smaller web applications, the back-end and the front-end are integrated as a project, but only separated by programming logic. The Model-View-Controller paradigm is the most well know implementation of this kind of abstraction.

Important aspects

A back-end is what will take care of the heavy lifting of an application, therefore the back-end of every project has to be well-designed. It should be big and scalable enough to deal with an increased amount of requests, but still small enough to keep deployment costs acceptable.

Not only does this require skilled programmers, but it also requires selecting the right tools to develop the back-end system for this particular application. What might be good for one project, might not be the right solution for another project.

Within our company we use both long existing and proven technologies, but also specialize in modern technologies. We are usually early adopters of new technologies and are therefore able to offer our clients the most suitable solution for their project.

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