Flutter development

Flutter is an open source framework made by Google for the development of mobile apps, web applications and even desktop programs. It uses the Dart programming language, which is also open source. The main advantage of using Flutter is targeting several platforms with a single code base, while programs are compiled or executed as native as possible. Beside Google many large companies, such as Alibaba, BMW, eBay and IKEA use Flutter.

Another benefit of Flutter is that it offers a particular workflow to developers that will help towards faster development. In Flutter everything is a so-called Widget. Using Widgets always follows the same pattern, not only does this speed up development, but it also eases development. We can say with certainty that Flutter is a rising star in the world of software development. Even though it’s relatively new technology, it was only released in 2017, it’s being adopted quickly. Some companies are even redesigning their existing applications to Flutter.

Benefits of mobile app development with Flutter

Flutter has a lot to offer when it’s about cross-platform mobile app development. This part of Flutter is fully stable and ready to be used in production. Some of the most important benefits of Flutter:

Single code base

A single code base for Android and IOS, thus a single team can develop the app for both platforms. This saves time and resources.

Quick start up of projects

Flutter takes away some hard edges of other cross-platform frameworks and allows developers to quickly start a project, as well as implement changes in a simple and quick way.

Smart development flow

Flutter offers Widgets for each platform, therefore users will be able to use apps in a way that’s natural for that particular platform.

Amazing community

The success and usability of open source technologies very much depends on the success of the project’s community. And Flutter has a very active and helpful community.

Benefits of web and desktop development with Flutter

Web development with Flutter (Flutter for web) is currently in beta, it’s expected to be added into the stable version somewhere in 2021. Web support is an important step, because most applications require a mobile and a web version. By adding web support to Flutter, the value of the single code base of a project gets even further increased. Therefore, the added value of using Flutter will only increase in the future.

Desktop development with Flutter is more early stage and currently in Alpha. Once released the benefits of developing with Flutter become even higher. Instead of using heavy browser based frameworks for cross-platform desktop application development, Flutter will compile to a lightweight native program.

At Appiness IT Solutions we are early adaptors of new technologies. We are already developing with Flutter for web. Thus, we are ready to offer web and desktop development with Flutter as soon as it’s stable and ready to use in production.

Appiness and Flutter

At Appiness we are proud to be one of the first companies in the Baltics to specialize in Dart and Flutter development. From the very beginning we believed in the Flutter project and started to work with this amazing technology. Therefore, we can say with confidence that, we are one of the most experienced Flutter development companies in the region.

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