Mobile app development

Development of mobile applications is very different from the development of web and desktop applications and requires specialist knowledge.

Technical differences

Mobile devices work differently than desktop computers and the web. The data cycle of mobile applications is completely different, causing that app developers need to use completely different programming structures. Also, efficiency matters a lot more than with other types of applications, because both battery life and data bundles are often limited. Hence, battery and data efficiency contribute to a pleasant user experience.

Also, there are different mobile platforms, such as Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. Each platform uses different tools and programming languages for native app development.

Over the years tools have been developed to create so-called hybrid application frameworks for mobile apps. These frameworks offer app development targeted for both frameworks via a single code base, but often with a price on performance.

Therefore, it’s of very important to pick the right tools to build a mobile app, so that users will have the best user experience.

Strategy differences

However, there aren’t only technical differences, the strategies for mobile app distribution are also very different. Proper app marketing can not only save significantly on development costs, but also directly contribute to the success of the application in the app stores. The app marketing strategy already starts before the first line of programming code is very written. The more future users are involved from the very beginning, the higher the quality of the app will be and the cheaper development costs will be. After all, it’s much easier to change things during development than when the whole application is already done and published in the app stores.

Full service app development

For this reason we don’t want to be just a technical development company, but offer our clients a full service experience to deal with every aspect of mobile application development. So you can count on your mobile software specialists to help you with:

Flutter development

Appiness IT Solutions is one of the first companies in the Baltics that specialized in mobile app development with Flutter. Flutter is a new technology developed by Google. It allows developing native IOS and Android applications from a single code base without the disadvantages of hybrid applications.

More information

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