SDK development

SDK means “Software Development Kit”. An SDK is the glue between an Application Programming Interface (API) and a User Interface (UI). The purpose of an SDK is to give developers a development experience native to their programming languages, so that the API can be used as if it’s an integral part of the language.

SDK development for modern programming languages

At Appiness IT Solutions we are specialized in SDK development for the Go, Rust and Dart programming languages. These are modern programming languages that often lack SDK support. As avid users and advocates of these languages we consider it as one of our company’s missions to develop high quality SDKs.

What is a good SDK?

It’s easy to make a wrapper around an API, but it’s an art to create an SDK package idiomatic to the programming language. And that’s exactly how we think about good SDK development and how an SDK should be build.

We also strongly believe that SDKs should always be open source, so that anyone can use or integrate the SDK into their product, as well as allow a strong community to grow around the SDK.

And last, but not least, SDKs should be well documented. Hence, we consider documentation as a first class citizen in every SDK project we do.

Appiness IT Solutions as your SDK partner

Would you like to offer SDK support for Go, Rust or Dart? You can count on our experience. Let’s have a talk about it!

More information

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