Web development

Web development is in fact quite a broad topic. It can be as simple as setting up a CMS or web shop for a client, but also the development of complicated web applications. On this page we will explain a bit about the most common technologies used for web development in the broadest sense.

Our company has the required experience to develop any form of web presence, whether it’s a small website or a complete web application. All competences required for high quality web development are present in our company. But not only technical development is what we’re good at, we also offer a wide range of digital marketing services, such as SEO, to make your website be found even better.

We will always try to deliver a complete package, so that our customers can be focussed at their business instead of technicalities.

Development of basic websites


WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It’s a good solution for smaller websites. One of the major benefits of WordPress is that clients can rather easily update and maintain the content of their website.

There are a lot of plugins available for the WordPress system. These plugins will help to customize a system to the needs of a client. One particular popular plugin for WordPress is WooCommerce. This is a paid plugin that will turn a WordPress site into a web shop.

Alternative comparable systems are Joomla and Drupal.


Although Hugo is not as well known as WordPress it’s for sure worth mentioning here, because it’s also a tool we often use for static websites. Static websites consist of static files (hence the name) instead of dynamically generated pages, as with systems like WordPress. The main benefit if working with static sites is speed; Static sites are blazingly fast. The main disadvantage is that static sites are harder to maintain, because there is no admin interface to change the content.

Hugo is a tool to make management of static sites a bit easier. Even though Hugo for sure isn’t an admin interface like CMS systems offers, it does make the creation of static websites a lot easier.

Another comparable system is Jekyll.

Development of web shops

The most common packages used for the development of web shops are Magento and Shopify. These CMS systems were made for web shops and designed with web shops in mind. Therefore, they are often, but not always, a better choice than WordPress with a shop plugin. Both systems offer a wide range of possibilities and options to extend the system to the client’s specific needs.

Development of advanced websites

Of course there are websites which don’t really suit into one of the previously mentioned options. Either they require customization or the development of specialized plugins or a tailor made solution. One of the major benefits of almost all the solutions mentioned above is that they are open source. This matters, because it allows the software to be amended to the needs of the client. All the earlier mentioned solutions also offer other forms of customization to create a solution suitable for the client’s needs.

Web application development

Finally, there are web applications. Such applications are usually custom-made for a particular purpose. This is a good option when someone wants something that simply can’t be made with any of the solutions mentioned earlier or when it would be more expensive or complicated to adjust the existing solutions than to create a new web application from scratch. Of course there are also many cases in between, where a website needs to interact with a custom application or vice versa.

We work with different technologies, including the adoption of new technologies, to guarantee the best value for money when developing custom applications.

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