Blockchain is a rising star in the world of technology. Enterprise blockchain and self-sovereign identity offer great possibilities to businesses to simplify or improve existing business processes. Also, it offers new opportunities and business models which weren’t possible before.

When to use blockchain technology?

The most important benefit of blockchain is data immutability for the creation of tamperproof storage solutions. This is especially interesting for cases where parties who don’t trust each other have a benefit by sharing an infrastructure.

Public vs permissioned blockchain

Public blockchain is probably the most well known implementation of blockchain technology. Its main characteristics are full decentralization and, usually transparency. Well known examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Aeternity and Tezos. All these networks have their own public network.

Permissioned blockchain is a different story. One important difference is that usually data decentralization is more important than technical decentralization, also in permissioned blockchains users can usually have different roles.

Every project is different, therefore picking the right network or framework is very important. There also cases where a combination of public and permissioned blockchain systems is used, this is often called a hybrid blockchain.

Blockchain development

Blockchain development is different from development for every other platform. The reason of that is the characteristic of immutability, once a smart contract is deployed on the blockchain it can’t be changed anymore. Errors in the program could lead to serious consequences, including losing of tokens or currency stored in the contract.

Therefore, it’s important that the latest development standards are being upheld during development and that contracts are properly tested or even audited.

Enterprise grade blockchain

Appiness IT Solutions is specialized in blockchain for the enterprise. Although some enterprise use cases might require both technical and data decentralization, in practice the main requirement is decentralization from a data perspective. Also, for most of our clients the use of crypto-currencies would significantly complicate the business model and solution.

Examples of sectors for which we develop blockchain based technologies are logistics (supply chains) and education (EduTech).

Consulting and training

Blockchain is new technology and is under continuous and rapid development. Therefore, it might be hard to stay informed. Our company is also your reliable partner for custom blockchain consulting and education programs. Please contact us for more information.

More information

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